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[Early in development]

Chromatose is a half-visual novel, half-puzzle solving card game about a group of 12 strangers who have, for their own reason, fallen into a coma. They have 12 hours to undo the mistakes they made in their memories, or they will be trapped in their nightmare-laden mind forever.

Currently, the prototype for the visual novel phases and the battle phases of the game is available below, and the game is actively in development. There's a lot that's going on under the hood, and now that the prototype is working, the rest is asset-dropping, modular installation, and bugfixing.

As for now though, plenty of placeholder art and resources. There's just a prototype for the 3 rooms: The coma world, the deckbuilding screen, and a battle prototype.


In card set room: arrow keys to navigate, spacebar to include or exclude cards from your deck.

In battle:

QWOP : play a card in that lane (Left to right)

Spacebar: clear your hand at the cost of time

Shift: Change target

Normal cards: no effect

Square cards: take longer to play, hold down QWOP to play

X-cards: Cannot be played, must be destroyed or cleared.

Red cards: Destroy X-cards, or destroy all cards after a short delay if inverted

Blue: Add time, or subtract time if inverted

Green: Uninverts all cards, inverts all cards if inverted

Yellow: Protects lane from attacks, turns all other lanes into Square cards if inverted

Pink: Slows time and stops enemy attacks briefly, turns into an X-card if inverted

Purple: Copies the last uninverted card played, copies the last inverted card if inverted

Special cards can be played once during combat at any time. Arrow keys left and right to select, down to use. Black card is auto-lose.

R to restart (debug)

Install instructions

It's an .exe lmfao just click it twice


ChromatoseDemo.exe 5 MB


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Not too bad! Interesting concept.


Thank you!
It's very early in the dev stages as just a proof-of-concept prototype, but it's actively being developed. 

The next thing coming is a fully fleshed out first level, as will be released in the completed game.