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CHROMATOSE is a 2D Visual Novel/Roleplay Game with emphasis on meaningful decisions, character relationships, and a compelling overarching story.

You've awakened in a strange nightmare after a fall that should have ended your life.  Around you are amnesiac strangers who are also trapped in this world for their own unique reasons.  Escape the collective nightmare in 12 hours, or never wake up.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChromatoseDev

Discord server: https://discord.gg/2JTWKxJ

From a school trapped miles under the sea to a hellish MMA arena, everyone gets their own corner of the nightmare.  Travel between worlds to recover memories of each of the characters, aiding their escape.

CHROMATOSE sports a 'colorful' cast of characters, each with their own flaws and virtues.   As you bond with them, your relationships will become an interesting advantage in combat... 

The decisions that you make during the story directly influence how you fare in battle.  As the game learns about your personality, or as other characters' virtues affect you, you will gain colored cards that each have unique effects against the nightmarish monsters guarding the way out. 

  • 2+ hours of story-driven gameplay
  • 30+ original tracks in the OST
  • 300+ character portraits
  • Meaningful decisions that permanently affect gameplay

WARNING: This videogame contains flashing effects and glitch-like visual sequences.  Viewer discretion is advised for people with photosensitive epilepsy.


Visual novel: 
Left click/Space: Advance dialogue
A: Auto mode
Arrow keys: Change option
Space/Enter: Select option

Arrow keys: Move
Space: Interact
Escape: Pause menu

Arrow keys: Play card
Space: Clear hand
F: Forfeit

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(164 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Visual Novel
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsAnime, Atmospheric, GameMaker, Horror, Multiple Endings, Mystery, relationship, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout an hour


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(MAC)Chromatose_Demo2.1.72.app.zip 750 MB
(LINUX)Chromatose_Demo2.1.5.zip 744 MB

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wait is the full game out?


I've not seen any updates on this game in a long time.


Hi, they update their Kickstarter page once every few months, so you might want to check that out! The latest update is from September 2022. 


It may be disturbing but I wonder where should I find the latest update…I searched on twitter and it's hard for me to discover any information about this game instead of another game she has made. It will be very kind of you if I can know where's the website…


No problem, here it is! It's a direct link to the latest update:



is this still being developed ?

Hi, they update their Kickstarter page once every few months, so you might want to check that out! The latest update is from September 2022.

i keep getting this error after i finish the intro and it says now loading glasgo hospital

version 2.1.7’s folder has 2.0.2 on the game file name. Idk if it’s outdated or not.


is this game NSFW?



i downloaded the game but on the elevator im only allowed to go on black, red, blue, white. Aren't any other colors available?

Reminder that this is only a demo ver. The colors you mentioned are the only ones available in the demo

games tend to be better when they can be played. the second I get to the entering glassgow hospital screen the game hard crashes every single time. 

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please be alive

EDIT: it's still in active development, they're updating on Kickstarter


Does the game contain adult content?

Suitable for children?


read the tags it's not hard


cant wait for full game I can see many youtubers playing this in fututre like marilpier manlybadasshero keep up good work


Is this project still active?

can't wait for this game, the demo is so good already


How many of you guys would like to see a let's play on this game? I would like to promote the game through my YouTube channel; however, I have 0 subscribers, but I really like the few glances the game has shown, and I want to share my reaction with others, if you guys do not mind. Likewise, I do understand if you guys do not want me too, since yall might see it as self-promotion instead. That's why I am asking the commenters first and hopefully this message will get seen by the creator too.

P.S. I am not going to post link to my youtube channel if guys do not like this or if the creator does not like this 

Thank you for your time  


First of all, I will start with the story. The plot is built up truly amazing! I really like the idea of different coma marks, that depend on the way you got in that place. Characters are drawn beautifully with a lot of facial expressions. Each of them have unique personalities,  one is shy the other one is confident, someone is childish and someone is nasty. What I like about it is that you can resemble to them, look at one of them and say "Hey, she/he is just like me!" .The good old character disclosure is presented. Throughout the game we get to know how people got here. I have to admit that the card battles here are intense! I was having some trouble getting past first boss (Primadonna/red) but in my opinion, this makes the gameplay even more fun! you are trying to get past this no matter what. Puzzles are somewhere complicated somewhere very easy. Music and the sounds are getting us deeper into the atmosphere.

So what can I say? This might one (Goes into my top 3) of my MOST fav games played on itch.io

I can't wait to play the full game! :3


Just tried the demo and am a fan! Looking forward to buying the full game when it’s released. :)

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OKEY HOLY SMOKES this game is so amazing!!!! even tho its just a demo it just amazes me how beautiful and its just SO  GOOD!!!

(btw i really freaking love Quentin)


hey aka, it's me, the guy who keeps sending you discord dms about a story idea! anyways, im going to be playing this game with my friend, and i think that they'll absolutely love it. here are some things that i love about chromatose: the artstyle is fantastic, the story is top notch, imogen, the music is just godlike, lilith, depth knell, all that good stuff. anyways, i can't wait to play this with my friend, and i'm sure that they'll love it as much as i do!

(p.s. expect many more dms in the future, i've got waaaay too many ideas lol)

How can i run the game? I have extracted the zip file but it doesn't start when I click the icon. I use ubuntu

(1 edit)

been getting this error multiple times now and have no idea how to fix it.

EDIT: did some research and found someone else with the same issue and same message, hope it gets fixed soon because otherwise i won't be able to get past the first two questions 

played through the main demo, and the game is really good so far!!! excited for the full release!


OMG my first impressions on the game were PERSONA , looking forward for the full release !!


I love this. I was playing this game with my friends and exept Primadonna Fight we really enjoyed it. (I'm too stupid for this fight, and I can't beat it) (yeah, I have lower dificulity level). I hope full version will be same cool as now! All love and support from polish players! :>


I really love this game. The artstyle gave me persona vibes but i'm really interested in the story aswell. I cant wait to see the full game in action ^^. Good luck with the further development. I played the first 30 mins but will definitely finish the full demo in the next few days. Have a good one :)


Hi, do you wish to localise this VN into Spanish?

I really enjoyed the game but its really slow on my Laptop :/  I was wondering if I could work on a fan translation for it? I'd love to make a German version. If you'd be interested hit me up on discord lovideam #2203


I love this game! And it's so different from other games I played. I hope this game is still being continued.

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Just got a time playing this- interesting, I'm hooked! I adore the artstyle too, did you do all the assets by yourself? Wow.

However I am so stupid on battle in general, could you make the difficulty easier? Already play on rebalanced and died couple of times before successfully beat "boss" monster (I'm sure I was just lucky too). I'm very interested with the story and dont want my unskilled hand to be a bottleneck for advancing the story :(


Someday or the game is already in Spanish


Heyo, created an account just to tell you that i'm severely interested in this game and so are my friends. Just from the demo, i have been having an absolute blast. I orginally downloaded it for free yet i'm gonna drop some money to support the development of this game. Great work and i cant wait to see where its headed.

Hello, is the game finished?


it’s in active development!

Okay, thanks :)


Found you thru scary game squad's Sucker For Love playthru, and you're making this hella stylish looking game? and you're also a big Catherine fan? I'm so unbelievably sold, holy hell. Glad to have found you, Akabaka


Nice to meet you too!

And thanks!!

As a demo game Chromatose has been a really great game, you get to meet other characters with different emotions and powers, a game that can impact the story base on the decisions you pick. All I can say is, it's a great game, the attack system is confusing when you first play the game, but as time goes on you'll get the hang of it. Chromatos is a great game I hope to see the full release of this game. Also the end made me think hard for a minute, wether to pick Izzy and go to the real world or pick Isaac and Lilith so I can save the other people that are trap in a coma. Anyways great game i'll lend you my support and I have a high expectations on this game.

This game seems amazing, but the game crashes in the first battle with the telephone, even when reinstallling and restarting the game. 


Very excited for the full release of this one!


This game is amazing! After playing for only a few minutes, I was ensnared by the story and art style. It has the vibe of an extremely well-made Persona game (especially the menu), but more centered around Social Links/Confidants. I can't wait to see the finished product, and I would pay good money for it!!


Pros and cons are down below from my first expression (first hour):

Advantages (from the 1st hour of gameplay with very slow reading):

1. Very interesting idea! It's mysterious, interesting and catchy - I really want to know more! So, the game catches you right off the bat - that is hard to do! Well done!

2. Art style is awesome! I very like it!

3. The characters feel bright! I mean - they are very different from each other and unique. The art style adds a lot to each one of them.

4. Each floor is amazing! I only peaked a bit but I love them! Will definetely play more!!

Disadvantages (from the 1st hour of gameplay with very slow reading):

1. There was a bug when I walked outside for the 1st time - white shadow appeared behind top half of the main hero - you can see that in the vid.

2. The monologues of the main hero feel a bit excessive. It feels like he repeats the info we got over and over again - that frustrates a bit.

3. It's hard to understand the concepts of the battle. Maybe I am stupid and I will get it eventually - but right from the start I feel lack of examples. Maybe it would be nice to add video examples of the things that you explain in the tutorial?

Overall, the game is awesome! As it is still in development, I thought my feedback from the first hour of the game might be useful for the developers. At least, I hope so! If it was useful. I will write another comment after I play some more or finish the demo with different perspective of a person finished the game) Atm 5/5


Hey! Thanks for the reviews! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! 

To address your cons:

1. Yep, that's been addressed in recent beta builds I believe.  Thanks for the report! 

2. Any repetition is just in the interest of making sure nobody gets left behind or confused by the story!  Especially since sometimes people put the game down then come back to it-- I'd hate for them to be lost! 

3. It's a little tricky!  Generally speaking, you win by playing as many right-side-up cards as possible as quickly as possible, and all the tips you need are in the tutorials, which should be read carefully (and conveniently can be re-accessed via the pause menu!)  Alternatively, there is also the 'Rebalanced' difficulty that makes combat a little easier!   I am thinking about putting in some animated examples in the future to be a little more clear, though the updated demo that I brought to conventions has been pretty effective at being less confusing haha

Thanks for the playthrough too!  Will have to check it out sometime




Hi! i'm a fan of your work and because of this i would know if in the future, will this game comes on Steam


Sure will!  Our steam page is actually already up, if you wishlist it, you should get a notification when it releases!


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Strange, i didn't notice it before and i assure you that i explored almost all of the content of the store... anyway i put it in the wishlist. Thanks

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