CHROMATOSE: Final public demo update! (1.6.0)

Hello all, spent all this month making the last set of updates for the 2-3 hour demo.  This is probably the most significant update to the game so far, so even if you've beaten it before, there's big changes to experience: 

1.6 Updates:

  • The progress you make while fighting monsters carries over to subsequent attempts!  Every loss is a step toward victory!
  • Monster attacks now have ATTACK INDICATORS.  These warning icons show you what cards the monster is about to attack, giving you time to play any important cards that are about to get destroyed, allowing you to prepare to deal with the altered cards with the untargeted cards, and actually allow you to avoid attacks altogether if your timing is good enough!
  • All monster art and animations have been improved and implemented. Every single fight has shiny new art! 
  • Izzy and Lilith received overhauled art!  Almost 100+ new portraits/expressions!
  • Monster HP has been massively buffed to balance the above change.  Boss HP has been doubled.  

1.4 and earlier updates and revisions:

  • Pink Arc Free-LC added!  Enjoy an additional 10-20 min bonus demo of never before seen content!
  • You can now quickly change the number of cards equipped by pressing and holding arrow keys in the set deck menu.  
  • Loading screen art has received more polish!
  • Various tutorial explanations reworded for clarity's sake. 
  • You can now edit your deck at any time from the pause menu instead of having to wait until you get in combat!  This update includes the "press and hold" QOL improvement from 1.4
  • You can now review tutorial images you've seen so far at any time from the pause menu, and  some images have been improved for clarity's sake.
  • Every battle and some loading screens now has BG art! No more 'Spotlight in empty room' battle rooms!
  • Fixed some surface-related glitches and improved visibility of several assets
  • Several bugfixes caused by Gamemaker updating itself
  • Difficulty of ORIGINAL and REBALANCED have been tweaked 

This is most likely the final (save for any minor tweaks) update of the demo available to the public, and it will be this way for the whole of backer-only development after the Kickstarter in a month.  

Happy hunting,



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Feb 12, 2019


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Hello! This game looks really nice but i cant get pass the loading screen of Gloscow National Hospital without a popup saying "missing textures" and then closing out of the game. I thought it might've been because of my zip opener but I've used multiple and it says the same thing. I don't know what to do, please help.

EDIT: I just downloaded the steam version and got farther this time but as soon as the battle started even more popups showed up now with one saying "missing shaders" and another missing texture.