CHROMATOSE Kickstarter still going strong! Linux version released!

Hey all!  Popping in to say that the Kickstarter is going great!

The kickstarter page is over here for anyone who missed it:

There's a bunch of new pledge add-ons revealed just two days ago, so be sure to check those out!

 Also, the press has been absolutely glowing lately!  Check out what indie game reviewers have to say:

Also, I've released a Linux version of CHROMATOSE since a couple of you are Linux-only.   Took a lot of finagling but I was able to spoof a VM that runs Linux on my Windows PC, and the first beta testers haven't found any problems yet, so it should be ready to be played!  

Happy pledging!


(Windows) 608 MB
Mar 21, 2019
(LINUX) (Alpha) 608 MB
Mar 27, 2019


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