Chromatose 1.2: Going Live!

Hey all!
First I want to give a special thanks to YOU the players/followers, for making this launch week so painless so far.  

I've just posted Chromatose's 1.2 Demo, which will make the game as a whole more accessible, and ideally, will be the definitive "public version".  Among the changes are: 

  • You can now change the difficulty of the game!  The two modes, 'ORIGINAL' and 'REBALANCED' can be toggled between freely.  I would recommend only switching to 'REBALANCED' as a last resort or to solely play the story, as the game and its mechanics are all balanced around the 'ORIGINAL' difficulty. 
  • Increased the incidence of hourglass cards in Primadonna's deck to prevent red card spamming.
  • hourglass hold duration reduced from 3 seconds to 2. 
  • Inverted blue cards no longer reset the "HURRY UP" timer.
  • State of Mind UI has been edited to be more clear 
  • 'Holding down every arrow key to play every playable card instantly' no longer works.  To play a card, you must fully press and release the corresponding key.  
  • General bug fixes and QOL improvements



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Nov 03, 2018


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